Born in Kingston, Jamaica, I made the move to New York at 6, navigating the challenges of being the youngest among 10 siblings. Seeking attention, I veered into a rebellious phase that led me to a group home at age 12. It was within those structured walls that I discovered my love for music, art, and roller skating. Post-graduation from high school, I enlisted in the Army but soon realized my innate talents shouldn’t be confined to the military. After seven years of service, I pursued art in college. A dedicated roller skater by this point, I launched a line of T-shirts initially called Skate Tee, later rebranded to Roller Culture. The brand evolved, finally settling as Original Rollers by 1998. This platform allowed me to blend my love for art and music, showcasing my talents through deejaying for skaters. In 2017, I expanded my horizons with Rob Scott Creates, encompassing Original Rollers, DJ Rob Scott, Rob Scott Art, and the new venture, Black Knowledge Wear. The latter emerged from a deep desire to celebrate the Black experience and contributions to the United States. As the cultural landscape shifted, so did my focus. While Original Rollers remains a constant, my passion for preserving Black history and culture led to the creation of Black Knowledge Wear. Looking ahead to future, my goal is to open a my own retail store and elevate all facets of my creative pursuits to new heights.